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Doggy, an Arduino DIY quadruped Robot

Hi everyone!

This is Doggy, it is a quadruped robot realized with cheap components as Arduino, Sg90 (x12), PCA9685 and an external battery (5V, 2A max). In the future, I will add sensor components to improve the robot behaviour. The project goal is to provide a very simple robot with a very low price, in such a way everyone will be able to make its own Doggy.

The robot mathematic model is based on the 2R Robotic Arm in 3D space: the main idea is to consider the quadruped legs as 4 human arms (independently controlled) and thanks to the end-effector linear trajectories we can realize complex movements.

The robot 3D model has been inspired by this thingiverse project:

I work in my spare time on this project and I hope to be able to open source it as soon as possible, stay tuned!

Arduino & Project

In questa sezione troverete vari progetti e tutorial realizzati con il microcontrollore Arduino.

Per la realizzazione di alcuni progetti e necessaria una conoscenza basilare dell’elettronica e della programmazione con Arduino, i seguenti testi vi potranno essere di aiuto per iniziare.